vineri, 16 noiembrie 2007


I was almost ready to tell you how good I feel without TV… then I was looking on the web and I found a lot of people like me…. So maybe is not a very interesting subject :)
But anyway :) how good it is to lay down Sunday afternoon in front of the TV and play with the remote from a channel to another…lol :)… for me is like coffee! I can not drink for weeks and then one morning to pass near a small shop and feel that strong smell that is sending you directly to Brazil, at least I feel like this…and then I can drink several cups one after other like I am the most coffee addicted person in the world.
With the TV is the same : a few days ago I was with a friend in a bar and in front of me there was a huge plasma with music channel … I even don’t remember what I was talking with my friend or how he was dressed … in stead I know by heart the last video of Chemical Brothers :)
In conclusion “longer the breaks stronger the success” I am talking about TV :)

2 comentarii:

daro spunea...

Amazing colours!!!!!
perfect ilustration!

what´s the idiom in Bucarest??


lusiana spunea...

roumanian:) very close to italian but with slav influentions:)