joi, 13 decembrie 2007

Polo weekend

Saturday I was for the first time to a water polo game… I have taken with me also the kaleidoscope with the idea to see triple those wonderful men bodies J at least this is what I was imagining :)

I was a little bit disappointed because I arrived exactly at the end of the game and I couldn’t see too much… about photo camera it was not even the case, there was so a few people in the pool that I was afraid I will disturb the players with the flash :)

But I met 2 Croatians polo players that they really impressed me, and not by them bodies because as I said before I didn’t seen them, but by them humour. I haven’t laugh like this from a very long time... I think that at least one of them should be an actor… anyway I have had a wonderful weekend full of vicious. :)

vineri, 7 decembrie 2007


My paradise in France!