miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009

miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008

The theories can become reality

I came back!

It was difficult but finally I managed. I will not tell what I‘ve done during the last 3 months, anyway nothing interesting was happening, just that I have 30 years old now.

Who has not yet this age could be interested on the subject, who has 30 already can say “ is not a big deal”. And it isn’t,…apparently..!!!

The most important thing for me is that I have arrived here with not too many traumas and that I feel good in my skin. Of course there are still a lot of things to be done but I am not in a hurry because anyway what is meant to be it will be.

For instance in the picture it is a newspaper that was flying on a street exactly on my birthday. Normally I think, I would not stop, but I was attracted by its yellow colour and I was thinking that it must be an old one. I was curious to see what is written. I always thought that is amusing to see the difference between what is written in the newspapers and what is happening for real. When I get it finally, I was surprised to see that it was a newspaper from 24th January 1981 with the title: “The theories can become reality” and the subtitle: “optical fibres have a future”

Question: how many chances there are to find on your birthday a newspaper from almost 30 years ago?... flying on the street like this….
In 1981, I was 3 years old, and on the day I found the newspaper I become 30… do I miss something here???? :)

joi, 13 decembrie 2007

Polo weekend

Saturday I was for the first time to a water polo game… I have taken with me also the kaleidoscope with the idea to see triple those wonderful men bodies J at least this is what I was imagining :)

I was a little bit disappointed because I arrived exactly at the end of the game and I couldn’t see too much… about photo camera it was not even the case, there was so a few people in the pool that I was afraid I will disturb the players with the flash :)

But I met 2 Croatians polo players that they really impressed me, and not by them bodies because as I said before I didn’t seen them, but by them humour. I haven’t laugh like this from a very long time... I think that at least one of them should be an actor… anyway I have had a wonderful weekend full of vicious. :)

vineri, 7 decembrie 2007


My paradise in France!

vineri, 23 noiembrie 2007

I am Romanian?

Yes, is true … everywhere you go, if you meet a Romanian, is practically impossible to not recognise him.
I will not talk about the commune characteristics, that everybody knows already: how is a Rumanian in the airport, how he is eating, how laud hi is talking, where he is throwing away his garbage, how he is dressed or how he is educating his children.
I will talk about the story that you can see in almost every Romanian. And it starts like this:

-Don’t you see that I have problems?!!!

If you look at a Romanian face, first things you will see is this: don’t you see that I have problems?..... and that is all.. you slowly go away to not disturb him because the Romanian is immediately suspicious :)
I am wonder when the Rumanian started to louse his sense of humour? A friend told me yesterday, in another context, that the Romanian is working with his heard and not with his brain…. Yes.. I think that says a lot about the Romanians….

When a foreigner friend is asking me: “how you say in Romanian, what time it is?” I always tell him to not forgot to say first: don’t be upset, then you can continue with what you want to ask him but is very important to not upset the Romanian :)

In conclusion the Romanian is always upset!!! But still, what good comedies the Rumanians where producing on the time of Ceausescu!!!! Oh. Ceausescu… I better stop here :)

vineri, 16 noiembrie 2007


I was almost ready to tell you how good I feel without TV… then I was looking on the web and I found a lot of people like me…. So maybe is not a very interesting subject :)
But anyway :) how good it is to lay down Sunday afternoon in front of the TV and play with the remote from a channel to another…lol :)… for me is like coffee! I can not drink for weeks and then one morning to pass near a small shop and feel that strong smell that is sending you directly to Brazil, at least I feel like this…and then I can drink several cups one after other like I am the most coffee addicted person in the world.
With the TV is the same : a few days ago I was with a friend in a bar and in front of me there was a huge plasma with music channel … I even don’t remember what I was talking with my friend or how he was dressed … in stead I know by heart the last video of Chemical Brothers :)
In conclusion “longer the breaks stronger the success” I am talking about TV :)

vineri, 9 noiembrie 2007

Perfect secretary!

lol.. i think it is the dream of many gentlemen!!!