vineri, 23 noiembrie 2007

I am Romanian?

Yes, is true … everywhere you go, if you meet a Romanian, is practically impossible to not recognise him.
I will not talk about the commune characteristics, that everybody knows already: how is a Rumanian in the airport, how he is eating, how laud hi is talking, where he is throwing away his garbage, how he is dressed or how he is educating his children.
I will talk about the story that you can see in almost every Romanian. And it starts like this:

-Don’t you see that I have problems?!!!

If you look at a Romanian face, first things you will see is this: don’t you see that I have problems?..... and that is all.. you slowly go away to not disturb him because the Romanian is immediately suspicious :)
I am wonder when the Rumanian started to louse his sense of humour? A friend told me yesterday, in another context, that the Romanian is working with his heard and not with his brain…. Yes.. I think that says a lot about the Romanians….

When a foreigner friend is asking me: “how you say in Romanian, what time it is?” I always tell him to not forgot to say first: don’t be upset, then you can continue with what you want to ask him but is very important to not upset the Romanian :)

In conclusion the Romanian is always upset!!! But still, what good comedies the Rumanians where producing on the time of Ceausescu!!!! Oh. Ceausescu… I better stop here :)

vineri, 16 noiembrie 2007


I was almost ready to tell you how good I feel without TV… then I was looking on the web and I found a lot of people like me…. So maybe is not a very interesting subject :)
But anyway :) how good it is to lay down Sunday afternoon in front of the TV and play with the remote from a channel to another…lol :)… for me is like coffee! I can not drink for weeks and then one morning to pass near a small shop and feel that strong smell that is sending you directly to Brazil, at least I feel like this…and then I can drink several cups one after other like I am the most coffee addicted person in the world.
With the TV is the same : a few days ago I was with a friend in a bar and in front of me there was a huge plasma with music channel … I even don’t remember what I was talking with my friend or how he was dressed … in stead I know by heart the last video of Chemical Brothers :)
In conclusion “longer the breaks stronger the success” I am talking about TV :)

vineri, 9 noiembrie 2007

Perfect secretary!

lol.. i think it is the dream of many gentlemen!!!

luni, 5 noiembrie 2007

Letter from my Boss!!!!

I just want to tell what's happen last saturday when I was coming back to France from Bucharest.
I dont speak about getting up at 3:30 for taking the first plane, because I was in the boarding room excatly 1/2 h after having left the apartment. In the plane I could have completed my short night if the stewards did not wakened up me for their breakfast. Arrived in Brussels, I was lucky, no queue at the passport control. Unfortunately the luggage delivery was a little delayed. It was not such a problem because, among the travellers there was a nice young lady with a lovely mini skirt. I take my luggage , go to the station, buy my ticket for brussels mid. The Railways agent tells me," Run, because, the train is leaving in few seconds". I run, and I succeed to go in the train just before the closue of the door and the departure. I thought that it was my lucky day. That lasted only few seconds before I realised that I forgot my laptop at the ticket desk. You imagine the stress. I left the train at the first station, went back to the airport and arrived 45 minute after my first leaving at the airport station. My computer was no longer there. I had to queue for asking to the railway agent if they found him.
As usual, I was behind the guy who asked what he could visit in Belgium for the week end, what was less expensive, if it was cheaper to take a week end ticket for Brussels or to go for antwerpen etc, etc… You imagine the stress. At the end, I could ask to the agent if they had found a bag. The guy asked me, “what was in the bag ?”. I was ashamed to say “my computer”and I added that it was easy to recognise because there is my name written with big letters on it. He went to the back room.. and came back with. my lap top. He told me that an agent has noticed it a little after I left . They are making regular inspections because they are afraid of bomb hidden in lost bag. And they did not destroyed it because there was my name on the bag. I will never again make jokes about the Belgian. The agent told me, “ If you run, you can take the next train for Brussels”. I did not run, I waited for the next one. This story for explaining why sometimes we could be a little nervous !

joi, 1 noiembrie 2007


Umbrellas, umbrellas, my sweet little umbrellas… :)

I found a new way to identify people on the street: after umbrellas they have!!!
Today I was forced to let my bicycle at home and take my umbrella. So beside the fact that I have really get dirty on my trousers, I had the chance to see the last trend in umbrellas in Bucharest! It seams that most of the people have umbrellas from the office where they work, or from different promotions: with the fresh drinks names, or banks, or phone companies or state institution and so on. Each umbrella is bigger and bigger with a wood handle and its covering 1 meter around a person. That remind me about last summer in Vama Veche when a big rain catch me and Ioana and we borrow a umbrella from a terrace, a huge one!!! I think that this is the level where we will arrive in Bucharest: huge terrace umbrellas!!!!